-What is your jewelry material?

 18k gold, VS diamond.

-How can we tell if the product is genuine 18K gold?

It’s very simple. You can verify it at home. First, burn the product with an open flame. The product will turn black. Then find the toilet cleaner at home (because it contains hydrochloric acid) and pour out 3 ml. Put the burned product in and soak it for 2- In 3 minutes, the product will return to its original color, proving that it is real 18K gold.

-Are they all ready-made products?

No, it is completely customized according to your needs.

-How to place an order with us?

Contact our customer service, here is the customer service whatsapp link wa.link/0qpt1p, the customer will help you solve the order problem.

-What is the payment method?

There are multiple payment channels, TT, wise, paypal, alipay, western union, payoneer, and others.

-How can we ensure production after payment?

We will provide production progress pictures in a timely manner, and product pictures and videos will be provided after production is completed.

-How long does production take?

10-15 days after receiving deposit

-How to ensure that we can receive the goods after paying the balance?

After delivery, we will give you a formal international express waybill number as your proof of tracking the product.